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Marketing Services


Connecting biomedical researchers who need biospecimens and companies that provide these valuable raw materials has been a bottleneck in medical research for the last decades. Coming from the diagnostic industry, our staff knows about the difficulty to procure human biomaterials. With all this expertise, the Central BioHub - online human biospecimen marketplace builds a digital platform to connect customers and suppliers such as human biobanks and biorepositories across the worlds.Yes,order human biospecimens online. Benefits of becoming a supplier at Central BioHub:

  • With an outstanding reputation in the life science industry and a continuously growing customer base, your partnership generates a new highly profitable and sustainable sales channel.

  • Unlimited market reach of your biospecimen portfolio to researchers all over the world.

  • Become a supplier of Central BioHub independent of the location of your biobank or sourcing company.

  • Benefit from our active promotion of your biospecimens

    • Our highly frequented digital marketplace, where the marketing focus rotates weekly.

    • Newsletter (up to 2x per Week).

    • Paid online marketing campaigns observed by digital marketing experts (Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, FB, Twitter, Research Gate).

    • Cross-channel social media posts multiple times per week.

    • Our blog covers the latest biomedical topics and features direct links to assorted biospecimen selections.

  • Your corporate logo on our supplier’s website raises global awareness.

  • Benefit from the global customer base located in 50+ countries on 5 continents.

  • Central BioHub manages the customer verification process and eliminates repetitive paperwork from your desk.

  • Stay on the safe side: Our compliance team leads you through the legal aspects and will check all required documents before launching your products online.

  • Enjoy personal contact with our dedicated Supplier Management Service for all your queries that are not answered in our FAQs

Our advantages over other distributors:

  • Stay in control of your products. You decide the exact sample portfolio appearing on

  • The pricing is up to you. Individually adjust prices for each sample. Central BioHub will add an agency fee to your chosen transfer price.

  • Enjoy or intelligent dashboard for easy uploading and product management

  • Clear and easy accounting tool

  • Use your own logistics service account via API to benefit from special conditions. Supported providers: FedEx, TNT

  • Frequent compliance checks ensure the world class reputation of the no. 1 biospecimen marketplace. This contributes to the high-quality advertisement

The Supplier Dashboard: We strive to simplify your cooperation with Central BioHub as much as possible. That is why we provide all suppliers with a dedicated and customisable dashboard.

  • Your overall product sales

  • Your uploaded biospecimen selection

  • Your dispatched deliveries including shipment tracking

  • Mandatory certificates to cooperate with Central BioHub. An alert function reminds you of time-limited documents for a smooth cooperation without risking deadlines.

  • Detailed analysis and professional charts of sold products available for download

  • A personal notebook to record valuable information

Market forecast report:

  • Central BioHub continuously collects market data such as search queries and medical trends to forecast human biospecimen demand for the diagnostic and pharmaceutical industry for efficient life science marketing services.

  • Parameters that are considered for the forecast:

    • marketplace search queries

    • customer polls

    • search engine keyword analysis

    • Insights from our scientific advisory board, which is closely connected to the life science industry in Berlin and worldwide.

    • Discussions with members of DiagnostikNet-BB (LINK), collecting the expertise of more than 75 partners.

    • Continuous research on upcoming authorisation procedures and attempts of the diagnostic industry.

  • The detailed report is published quarterly and exclusively for Central BioHub suppliers which can be downloaded from the Supplier Dashboard. Join us and find the latest BioReport© here.